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We are a web development firm that provides solutions to business challenges through creative design and development of websites.

By taking the information gathered during analysis, we create a database that supports both current and future needs, saving you the additional money and time it would take to perform another significant software development effort. Concentrating on speed and a high degree of data integrity, we create and write all of the database internal software to ensure supreme functionality - now and down the road. These systems are data-driven so with simple administrator configuration changes you can add more functionality yourself.

Web database development can be tricky business. Browser compatibility, client / server interaction, and database performance all need to be taken into account during database website development. Our web database development team is committed to delivering reliable, high quality custom database solutions to its clients. We provide Internet software solutions to a wide variety of businesses and can help you choose an appropriate database and web development platform for your application, as well as assist with selection of an appropriate URL and web hosting company.

Our developers optimize database performance through the extensive use of server side stored procedures and database triggers. We combine superior web database design and structured web database programming to create a professional database driven website for your business and, because we consider Internet marketing so important, our websites are structured and tuned for maximum SEO (search engine optimization) results.

Technologies and Platforms

  • Microsoft, ASP.Net, C#
  • Linux, MySQL, PHP, Ajax, Cold Fusion
  • XHTML, DHTML, Java Script, Jquery, XML, Flash

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web development

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